Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Man Rents Computer From Rent-A-Center, Immediately Pawns It

When you need cash quickly, selling or pawning something that you own can be a good option. Generally, though, you want to make sure that it’s something you actually own, and not something that you just got from Rent-A-Center.

A Florida man “owed people money,” as he told police, so he came up with a foolproof plan: he signed a rental agreement on an Asus computer, then turned around and pawned it before making the first payment. He got $125. Once the owner of the pawn shop figured out where the computer came from, he called police.

Of course, once you’ve paid off the item and it’s yours forever, pawn away. Not that we recommend renting to own your electronics in the first place.

Man says he rented laptop, pawned it, because he ‘owed people money’ [NWF Daily News]

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